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Web Design

You Have 5 Seconds to keep a New Visitor on Your Website

Your website should capture with prospective customers and convert them into new opportunities. Your website should be your best sale person!

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In Uttara, Dhaka! BitwiseCode Technologies is a best Web design company. We are your consultant, designer, and developer all in one. We seamlessly take you from strategy to post-launch, with a specialist working on your website at each phase. We never cut corners. We create handcrafted beautiful websites that produce results.

Web Design Team

We know why most websites fail to achieve business objectives

Web Development Methodology

Our methodology is proven for each industry

Web Development Team

You’ll be working with a team of experts

Web Design Package

Beginner Package

8000Per Package

  • 5 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • 1GB Hosting Space
  • Responsive Design
  • 10GB Hosting Bandwidth
  • 3 Month Sales Support
  • 5 Email Account:
  • 7 Development Period
  • 1000 BDT Per Extra Page
  • 2000 BDT Annual Renew Fee

Intermediate Package

12000Per Package

  • 8 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • 2GB Hosting Space
  • Responsive Design
  • 20GB Hosting Bandwidth
  • 3 Month Sales Support
  • 8 Email Account:
  • 7 Development Period
  • 1000 BDT Per Extra Page
  • 2800 BDT Annual Renew Fee

Business Package

19000Per Package

  • 12 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • 3GB Hosting Space
  • Responsive Design
  • 30GB Hosting Bandwidth
  • 3 Month Sales Support
  • 12 Email Account:
  • 12 Development Period
  • 1000 BDT Per Extra Page
  • 3500 BDT Annual Renew Fee

Enterprise Package

30000Per Package

  • 25 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • 5GB Hosting Space
  • Responsive Design
  • 50GB Hosting Bandwidth
  • 3 Month Sales Support
  • Unlimited Email Account:
  • 15 Development Period
  • 1000 BDT Per Extra Page
  • 5000 BDT Annual Renew Fee
website falling causes


To create a successful website, you first need to understand a few fundamental things about your target audience and your sales strategy: What is your typical visitor looking for? Who is and is not your ideal customer? What is the potential value of each customer, in both the short and long term?

The answers to these questions and many more will affect the design, content, and structure. Too many times, these questions aren’t asked or the wrong inferences are made from incomplete information or the reliance on assumptions. Here are some of the most common reasons why websites fail to achieve business objectives.

Lack of Trust Building in Web development


If website visitors don’t trust you as a reputable company then they will most likely not do business with you. A few examples of trust building elements include professional-looking design, usage of original photography, and 3rd party validation such as off-site reviews. Our interface designers and online marketers have conducted multiple tests to find out that works and what doesn’t when it comes to trust building elements.


This is when the messaging on your website doesn’t match up with the expectations set by your advertising or does not fulfill the needs of your potential customers. This can result in high bounce rates and a low ROI for a website that is otherwise well designed. That is why we analyze your customer base and online sales strategy to better understand their needs to craft appropriate messaging for your website.

Massage Mis-Matching in Web Development
Web Development Shortcomings


Too many times, front-end coders and back-end developers take shortcuts, Those who suffer are your website visitors and your business. Things like slow page load time, incompatibility with specific web browsers or mobile devices, and broken pages lead to potential customers leaving your website. That is why we have strict development standards that make our websites compatible, fast, and ready for search engine optimization.


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  • JSON
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  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
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